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EnjoyLife Technology CO.,LTD (ENJOYLIFE) is China's leading electronic product development and manufacturing enterprises. The company's Shenzhen, the British Thatcher Where Technology Co., Ltd. is a number of independent brands, a wholly owned subsidiary.
EnjoyLife Technology CO.,LTD long-term focus on the development of production and foreign sales of health electronic products, enjoylife and evapour involving two brands of electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarette dry, smoke oil, cars and other products by the balance of foreign customers trust and love.




Contact: Manager Chen

Phone: (+86)18565686469

Tel: (+86)755-23729420

Email: evapour@enjoyvapour.com

Add: 16A SunWoDa science park, No.2 Yihe Road,Shilong Community, ShiYan Bao'An ShenZhen China

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